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Product # 1808

Lighting Fixture No. 1808

No. 1808

Ballast In Channel
Baked White Enamel Finish

Continuous run fluorescent strip
for OCTRON lighting system

Lamping Channel Length

Removable cover for easy maintenance. Ballasts, sockets and wiring in back channel. Sockets butt back to back for continuous runs. Ample Knockouts for mounting at any location.

Construction: Welded heavy gauge steel, die formed for uniformity and accuracy.
Finish: Over 350 F. Hi-Temp. baked white enamel finish provides better than 80% reflection factor.
Mounting: Knockouts spaced conveniently for easy flush mounting, singularly or in continuous rows.

For individual or continuous run.
Excellent where space is limited.

All dimensions are subject to change.
Please consult factory for verification.


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